A guide to luxury jewellery – advice from an Alex Monroe stockist

We are recognised Pernille Corydon and Alex Monroe Stockists

Whether you are in search of treasure to surprise a loved one, or fancy treating yourself to a statement piece, investing in luxury jewellery is a commitment to quality and money well spent.

As official Alex Monroe stockists, The Hambledon Gallery team look for original design, good quality materials and high-level craftsmanship in our luxury jewellery. We are delighted to be a recognised stockist for Pernille Corydon and Alex Monroe. In our experience, when you invest in luxury jewellery you should look for the following:

Love what you buy

When you are wearing something next to your skin you want it to be something you love. Fashion is personal, so only buy something that speaks to your heart.

As Alex Monroe stockists, we love the fact that Alex grew up in Suffolk and draws on his experience of the countryside to inspire his designs. Both the Natural Collection with its gold and silver birds, seeds and nests and the Beekeeper Collection with its iconic bees are unique pieces. When we partner brands we go through the same buying process as the retail customer. We look at the range as a whole and we consider whether the quality and the price are right for our customers.

Is it worth the value?

If something doesn’t feel right or it’s too good to be true, it’s probably best to step away. Do your research and purchase from a reputable seller who knows the brand.

Whether it’s a £100 or £1000, you want to be sure you are getting the quality they say you are getting, as this will have a huge effect on its longevity and resell value.

Look for good design – Alex Monroe’s hedgerow pieces are full of wit and nostalgia for the natural world. Each jewel is drawn by Alex before he makes a master copy at his workbench. The naturalistic designs take things we all know, the sitting bunny, the squirrel holding the nut, the prowling fox, and let us treasure them forever. Alex Monroe has become one of the UK’s most successful jewellery designers because he understands what we look for in a landmark piece.

Our customers aspire to Alex Monroe jewellery to celebrate a birthday or to make an anniversary. This is family jewellery, with grandparents buying for grandchildren, sisters buying for one another and lovers buying for each other. It is how our customers choose to mark a special occasion because they know that this is jewellery that will stay their friend forever.

When you are sourcing luxury jewellery be wary to purchase from a listed stockist.

Seek out good quality high-quality jewellers that use good materials along with good craftsmanship. Alex Monroe uses Sterling silver, the purest, for his silver pieces. The gold jewellery is sterling silver, plated with 22-carat gold, a high-quality pure gold. The rose gold is 22-carat gold mixed with a little copper to give it the warmth of colour, this is plated over sterling silver.

The detail on the jewellery is very finely worked with each piece hand-finished by the small team in the Alex Monroe workshop in Bermondsey, London.

At The Hambledon Gallery we have a commitment to ethical branding for our luxury jewellery. Alex Monroe aims to be planet-friendly by using metals that are 60% recycled gold and silver. The other 40% of metals are mined within the EU, where there is protection for workers rights to health and safety. Any diamonds used always comply with the ‘Kimberly Process’ which has a commitment to ‘reducing the flow of conflict diamonds’.

The next Alex Monroe collection will be part of an exciting new project with Friends of the Earth. It will be part of the campaign to promote legislation to end plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans.

Are you investing in a timeless piece of luxury jewellery?

This isn’t always essential, and sometimes, if you fall in love with a statement necklace that may be a little quirky or something you wouldn’t usually go for, it’s fine to splurge. However, most pieces in your jewellery collection you will want to be timeless.

Do you tend to stick with a specific metal? Is it going to go with the rest of your collection? Is it different from what you already have?

Jewellery care and repair

If you want an investment piece of luxury jewellery to have an extended life, its needs gentle care. Apply your cosmetics and perfume to the skin before you put on your jewellery. Skin and hair products can contain chemicals that react with the metals, corroding or tarnishing the jewellery. Similarly, in the gym or running a marathon, perspiration can affect metal, as can the chlorine in a swimming pool or spa.

Store your treasures in acid free tissue paper, or a zip lock bag to keep them pristine. Keep the pieces separate to stop them from scratching one another or from getting in a tangle.

Only clean luxury silver jewellery with a proper silver dip solution before gently rinsing in warm water and brushing with a soft toothbrush. Gold plate is best cleaned in warm soapy water and brushed softly.

The mark of a luxury jeweller like Alex Monroe is the long term relationship. The London workshop offers a re-plating and repair service on all of the jewellery that has suffered from wear and tear. If you lose one earring…they will take the time to craft you a replacement.

Why we choose to be an Alex Monroe stockist

We love the fact that this luxury jewellery brand is there to wear everyday. You can enjoy its individuality and style all of the time, not just for special occasions. We think this is partly why people gift it to the people that they love, they like to think that a small piece of them will always be close.

If you have any questions about the Alex Monroe collections or any of the luxury jewellery brands that we stock, then give us a call on 01258 452880 or contact us here.

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