Back to School Tips for a Smooth Return

Back to School time of year again.

Flags Blowing in the Wind

The long summer holiday is almost over and it’s time to get organised and get ready for back to school.  Whether your child is starting a new year, changing class or starting a new school, there is no doubt that they will have grown out of their school shoes and will have lost their shatterproof ruler or ink eraser.

1 How to Tackle the Task?

Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee….

You may well have a school kit list.  Some schools allow or ask you to make an appointment to buy all the new school uniform you need in their school shop.  Try to do this as early as possible so that you can book a time to suit you rather than fit into the only time slot left available. Take your list and a good old fashioned red pen and tick the items off as you get them.  Or, you may need to find the local uniform supply shop, drop in and get ticking things off that list.  Some children want to go with the crowd, avoid buying multiples of shirts and sweaters; wait to gauge whether the girls are wearing long or short sleeves, cardigans or sweaters, what’s the general trend? Then buy what everyone else has!

None of your children will relish wearing oversized clothes year after year, but be sensible and try to buy uniform with a little growing room.  Don’t just assume that the right size label in the clothes means it will fit, get your child to try everything on and show you how it looks.  Some ‘tweenagers’ and teenagers can be a little resistant to doing a fashion show, even for their parents, but it is best to check.

Children’s feet seem to grow very quickly and it’s often tempting to leave school shoes buying until the very last minute, but those feet won’t grow that much in a couple of weeks and if you leave it until your last opportunity, you risk sharing the experience with all the other parents with the same idea and queue for hours, which might prove to be a frustrating experience with a shop full of noisy children, angry parents and overworked sales people.

2 Pick your Battles

The new school year is exciting, but it is often a time of anxiety for parents and children as they look towards a new environment and making new friends.  Try to decide which arguments are worth fighting and which are really not important. If you child wants the Mary Jane with the flashing sole rather than the sensible lace up, you should perhaps decide to lose that one.  Maybe they feel they DO need a fluffy pencil case as their old one has a broken zip….let it go.

3 Getting back into the Groove

There’s lots of research that says our children function best with routine.  They like to know where they are and what the plan is.  It’s inevitable through the school holidays, unless you have an iron will, that the usual meal time and bed time routine will go out the window.  It’s difficult to time table lunch when the walk to your chosen picnic spot takes a bit longer than you expected.  The temptation to let the 8 0’clock bedtime lapse when you’re all sat watching a family film with an hour still left to play is huge.  With a week or so to go try to gently reestablish the term time routine so it’s not such a shock during the first week of term.

‘Jet Lag’ or Holiday Lag?

This might not be something that you’re aware of, but over the long holiday with bedtime stretching out an hour or two and no school to get up for, lie ins in the morning can become the norm.  Your child’s body clock slightly adjusts to a new normal.  Sleep is really important for us all, so try to readjust bedtime in the week before your children go back to school.  The new routine and school environment will be much easier to deal with if your child is rested.

4 What’s the best School Bag?

Roka Canfield B Small Rucksack Sherbet

Once you’ve ticked everything off your list you’ll need to make sure your child has a suitable bag to carry their books and stationery in and something to put their packed lunch in.

A backpack is the perfect solution for nursery school children as well as older children.  As well as being practical with separate zip pockets, the shoulder straps allow your children to carry their things whilst still having two free hands.

Dolly the llama children’s backpack

Have a look here at all our backpacks here as well as our weather resistant Roka Bags.

What’s for lunch?

Solar system space lunch boxes
Space Lunch Boxes

Love the Space Print?

Take a peak at all things space here

Llama lunch boxes
Dolly the Llama Lunch Boxes

Pack lunches at the ready, fuel through the day is essential.

Love the Llama print?

Have a look at all the bits here

Colourful creatures insulated lunch bag

We have also found that the recycled insulated lunch bags are very popular, have a look at all the different designs here.

Love the colourful creatures?

Have a look here for all the others things in the range.

Which Water Bottle?

Dark grey Matt finish thermos water bottle

These insulated bottles keep drinks hot or cold through the day, they come in two colours and have matching insulated lunch pots too, the full range is here.

Light grey insulated lunch container

If you or your child like a hot packed lunch of pasta, noodles or soup, these are definitely worth trying.

We’re all trying to do our bit to lessen the burden on the planet and reduce single use plastic.  Find a water bottle that can be refilled.  Have a look at our colourful options for younger children and practical ideas for ‘kidults’ and grownups alike.

Llama Print Reusable Drinks Bottle

Having to get back to ‘normality’ and the routine of everyday life can be tricky for all of us.  Try to support your children as they adjust to the new school days.  Early nights, routine and a good diet are all helpful.  If you need advise on any of our back to school products just send us an email






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