Alex Monroe

We are very proud to be one of Alex Monroe’s official stockists.  We have a lovely collection of his delicate luxury jewellery pieces in the shop, including the very beautiful Bumble Bee necklace.  We are very happy to specially order anything for you, please call the shop on 01258 452880 to find out more.

Alex grew up in the countryside, in the wilds of Suffolk in a big old house surrounded by nature. He lived a life of adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature’s playground.

In the years to come, this idyllic but eccentric childhood would shape Alex’s jewellery. His love for the natural world continues to provide an inspiration. A fondness for the eccentricities of Englishness provides a touch of humour and nostalgia. A fascination with the intricacies of making things ensures superb craftsmanship.
After training at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, Alex created his first collection in 1987. His aim was to produce excellent quality jewellery, which was originally designed, hand made and well priced. This was jewellery made to be worn and made to be loved. These values remain unchanged to this day.

For more Information please contact us, visit our store or call us on 01258 452880.