Burt’s Bees

Burt Shavitz was a happy bee keeper in Maine.  In 1984 he met Roxanne Quimby who made candles from the leftover wax from his hives.  Together they founded Burt’s Bees and since those early days, the company has grown to be a leading natural beauty product manufacturer with over 180 different lines over half of which are almost 100% natural and on average are 99% natural.  The best selling product today is still their lip balms, including the original beeswax flavour.

The company is proud to say that none of their products is tested on animals, neither do they contain parabens, petrochemicals or sodium lauryl sulphates.  Having been trail blazers in the early years they are still very relevant in the natural skincare world today.

For more Information please contact us, visit our store or call us on 01258 452880.