Ida Jeans

We have been buying Ida Jeans for many seasons.  We have found that they are the most flattering jeans we’ve had which suits a broad age range.  They are incredibly hard wearing and unlike some jeans, they keep their shape between washes.  We buy them because they have a generously high rise and work well for all shapes.  We always make sure we have a good mix of washes, sizes and shapes in stock in the shop

Donna Ida Thornton is the owner and is the creator of Donna Ida, the denim based fashion brand. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Donna Ida Thornton moved to the UK in 1999 for a career in marketing when she spotted a gap in the market. While out shopping one day Donna realised she couldn’t find anywhere to buy jeans that she felt truly comfortable in. Department stores had a great selection but she couldn’t get the service she needed. So when a friend suggested that Donna should open a boutique that just sold jeans, she did exactly that.

Donna Ida Thornton opened the doors to her first boutique in Chelsea, London in 2006 after spotting a gap in the market for a shopping haven that specialised in premium denim. Stocking an edit of the best denim brands, she quickly gathered a reputation as the ‘Jean Queen’ by fitting London’s fashion conscious women, editors, street style icons and influencers in their perfect jeans.


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