Moray Cashmere

At The Hambledon Gallery, we have been buying Moray Cashmere for years.  They source only the pure long staple cashmere fibre from Mongolia, known to be the best in the world.  The cashmere is spun with greater twists which means the yarn is tight with a high tensile strength which minimises the risk of pilling and maximises the density of the cashmere in the finished knitwear.

It is only possible for Moray to supply this premium product at a fair price by making to order, holding minimal stock and not advertising or visiting trade fairs, so once we have sold out, we have to wait for the next season.

The Mongolian side of the operation is overseen by their Scottish cashmere expert who not only ensures that communication is clear and that production is on spec, but also that the product is up to the benchmark of excellence demanded.


For more Information please contact us, visit our store or call us on 01258 452880.