Sahara is renowned for creating contemporary clothing with a unique, bohemian chic aesthetic inspired by the spirit of adventure, global design discoveries and unbounded creativity.

The Sahara story begins with Founder Suzy Coppersmith-Heaven, a graduate from the Royal College of Art. More than thirty years ago, Suzy set out to travel around the world in search of inspiration.

After immersing herself in new cultures, witnessing unique artisanal collaborations and returning home to find a high street that was fast becoming homogenised, Suzy founded Sahara London.

Sahara creates clothes for the individual, not the crowd. With each piece created using luxurious natural fabrics and traditional techniques, our collections provide an antidote to the culture of fast fashion.

Sahara infuses British fashion with considered collections to suit a variety of shapes, skin tones, ages and personal styles. Their pieces are designed to feel luxurious, flattering and timeless.

Sahara foster meaningful relationships with cultures and communities around the world, hold their business to the highest standards and take ethical responsibility seriously.

Sahara continues to grow, influencing people everywhere; from the women who inspire, design and sell our garments to the women who love and wear them. The journey that began with Suzy is far from over.

For more Information please contact us, visit our store or call us on 01258 452880.