WoDen Works of Denmark

WoDen is the brainchild of the two founders Carsten Holm and Peter Hildebrandt.  The Danish trainer brand starts in 2013 out of a shared passion for creating quality sneakers with a strong appeal. The pair wanted to bend the rules and make an old dream come true; the first pure and true Scandinavian Sneaker.

As shoemakers with a strong track record of bringing shoes to the market, they knew that nature and Scandinavian design combined with a sneaker’s DNA and genuine quality at a midmarket price, would be the right platform to bring the Woden movement to people around the world.

We love them because they have a wide appeal, look beautiful and are incredibly comfortable.  Everyone of us at The Hambledon Gallery has at least one pair. It’s a brand we buy all year round.

In the manufacturing process each sneaker is in contact with more that 100 people before the product comes out of its shoe box and has more than. 115 different components.

Woden believe that their products are made to be more than just another shoe. They aim to push the barrier for how shoes are constructed with attention to how they can ensure to give each shoe a green footprint.

Cork are used inside each trainer to improve climate control and comfort. Cork production is generally considered sustainable because the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork; only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork.

Woden have been testing the durability when using recycled rubber in rubber outsoles for a long period and have managed to find a formula, with about 10% recycled rubber in combination with natural gum rubber and synthetic rubber.


For more Information please contact us, visit our store or call us on 01258 452880.