Choosing Miller Harris candles for your home

At The Hambledon Gallery, we stock a range of luxury scented candles online and in-store that suit varying budgets. However, one of our favourites has to be the Miller Harris candles that feature long burn times, and stunning scents that create a calm and inviting ambiance for your home.

In this article, we answer some of the questions we are frequently asked about Miller Harris and the range of luxury scented candles they make so successfully.

We are sure you will love Miller Harris as much as we do.

Who is Miller Harris?

Launched in 2000, the London based brand is built on telling a story through its fragrances with natural ingredients and nature at its heart. Using the finest raw materials, Miller Harris has curated a superb collection of unique, modern, delicate and classic fragrances that are loved by many.

Offering something a little different to the norm, Miller Harris creates quintessential British fragrances with a modern twist, whilst also incorporating the brand’s love of art and culture into its packaging.

Why should I choose Miller Harris candles for my home?

Aside from their stunning fragrances, Miller Harris candles have a great burn time, with the 185g candles that we stock burning for around 40 hours. (Don’t worry, we’ve tried and tested them and it’s not an exaggeration).

The full range is created using a blend of mineral and natural waxes, using carefully sourced ingredients allowing the natural notes to be preserved, giving off a long-lasting fragrance in your home.

What Miller Harris candles do you sell online?

With so many fantastic candles available from Miller Harris, we have worked hard to choose a range of their luxury candles that we believe encapsulates everything our valued customers would want from a candle in their home.

“We believe the Miller Harris candles that we’ve chosen to stock include something for everyone, for every mood and every home.” – Charlotte, Owner of The Hambledon Gallery

Tangerine Vert

A bright, sweet citrus scent with a soft spice back note. The Tangerine Vert candle is a happy fragrance that brings warmth into any room.

Purchase the Tangerine Vert Miller Harris candle here.

Digne De Toi

This stunning scent has main notes of Rose Silence, undertones of sandalwood and patchouli, with mandarin and blackcurrant top notes. A more traditional and classic candle fragrance, ideal for summer, this fragrance will bring beauty into your home.

Purchase the Digne De Toi Miller Harris candle here.

Reine De La Nuit

Scented with tuberose, mimosa, violet, and green clover, and inspired by the perfume Niox de Tubéreuse, this Miller Harris candle has warm and rich tones, creating a sensual aroma.

Purchase the Reine De La Nuit Miller Harris candle here.

Rendezvous Tabac

A woody, spicy scent of tobacco leaves, Cuban Cascarillo oil, pine needles and sage patchouli. An ideal evening fragrance that will suit any occasion.  

Purchase the Rendezvous Tabac Miller Harris candle here.

Does Miller Harris offer additional products other than luxury scented candles?

Yes. We can’t get enough of this wonderful brand so we also stock an extensive range of Miller Harris perfumes and luxury toiletries, including hand creams, lotions and shaving balms. They are ideal as luxury gifts for her or if you just want to treat yourself.

The range of Miller Harris products compliment each other perfectly so you and your home smell idyllic.

View the full range of Miller Harris perfume, luxury toiletries, and Miller Harris candles available online here.

Purchase Miller Harris candles online at The Hambledon Gallery

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high-quality products that we know they will love. We’ve been a Miller Harris stockist for over 15 years now and fully understand that any fragrance you invest in will tell its own story as you use it, whether that’s the luxury scented candles we stock, Miller Harris perfume or indulgent toiletries.

If you have other questions about any of the Miller Harris products we stock, get in touch via email at or buy online today.

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