Choosing the Best Roka bags for Spring Summer 2019

Roka has been a brand that we’ve loved since they launched. Their ethos, that includes comfort, security, durability and functionality are exactly what our customers look for. You can regularly see us rocking these stylish and practical bags out and about too.

What we think you’ll love about Roka bags…

They’re versatile – Roka’s goal is to create a bold statement within a daily necessity. Each and every bag is unisex, and timeless, partnering perfectly with any spring/summer wardrobe for anyone to enjoy.

They’re ethical – all the Roka bags are made from vegan-friendly materials which are not tested on animals and are also ethically produced. So you can rest assured you are purchasing from a brand that considers the environment and the effect that their products have on our future.

They’re affordable – not only do the Roka bags look great, but they are great value, with prices starting from just £34.95. In some cases, affordability can come with poor quality, fortunately, this is definitely not the case with Roka bags. The materials used on all the bags are hard wearing and functional and if looked after, will stand the test of time.

They’re made from quality materials – made from triple coated, weather resistant materials such as canvas and matte-nylon, the Roka bags are tough, durable & lightweight.

Choosing the right Roka bag for your spring/summer wardrobe.

With a great choice of Roka bags available online in various shapes, sizes and colours, they are the ideal everyday bag. Whether you need a lightweight crossbody bag for popping to the shops, or something a little more heavy duty, we’ve got you covered. As winners of the 2018 Best New Product in London award, they definitely got our vote, so here’s what we’d recommend…

The one for those quick trips out

This compact Roka Paddington crossbody bag is the dream accessory for someone who is always organised. With 3 internal pockets and separate compartments for each of your belongings, you can keep all your essentials safe and secure in one place.

Just sling it over your shoulder and you’ll be ready to make a bold statement in the most effortless of ways.

Take a look at the colours available in the Roka Paddington Cross Body bag here.

The one for days out with the kids

We all know the feeling, a day trip with the kids isn’t always plain sailing, you need a bag that can accommodate all the various snacks, drinks, tissues, toys and spare clothes (the list could go on).

Struggling to find a trendy bag that will fit the bill? Look no further, the Roka Bantry backpack is deceptively spacious, with multiple compartments and secure fastenings.

The one for those summer adventures abroad

Looking for something a little bigger? The Roka Canfield backpack is the ideal option for adventurers, commuters or travellers.

Offering you 2 different carrying options and multiple colour choices, this backpack will see you through your day with comfortable shoulder straps, or a handheld option.

View the Roka Canfield backpack here.

The one ideal for evening strolls at the beach or something a little more extreme

Bumbags are one of those fashion items that seems to have stuck around for decades, but Roka ha created a product that encompasses style, space and fashion into one small little bag.

Ideal for travelling, or for those upcoming festivals you may have lined up, the Roka bumbag is adjustable, water-resistant and sturdy and for safe-keeping, also includes a secret rear pocket.

Available in 6 different colours, you can order the Roka bumbag here.

Buying your Roka bags from The Hambledon Gallery

With Roka bags ticking all the boxes for us, we know you’ll love them too.  We have over 15 different Roka bags available to buy online all with super speedy free delivery.

As a family run lifestyle shop, we only sell products that we are 100% happy to recommend, as well as the hugely popular Roka bags, we also stock products from a range of other brands such as; Miller Harris, Pernille Corydon, Burt’s Bees, Alex Monroe and many more. View all our brands here.

If you need advice on which Roka bag will work best for you, we are always on hand, call us on 01258 452880 or email

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