Our Pick of the Best Bags for Summer

Summer is almost here

We’re heading towards the long, fun filled days of summer, when school is out and early nights do not have to be on the cards.  A time to enjoy walks in the countryside and days at the beach with a picnic, venturing to new and unexplored hidden gems near and far.

Whatever the plan, most of us aim to ‘pack light’, to take the bear minimum, but when you’re planning a summer excursion or a trip away, it’s important to consider who’s coming along and what your necessities are.


The Family Trip to the Beach


You’ll need to think about the adults and the children and what your plan is for the day.  At the very least you’ll be needing some sunscreen and your purse for the emergency ‘please can I have an ice cream’ request.  More likely though, you’ll need to pack a decent picnic, something to sit on and maybe a book to read in a quiet moment, the Roka Canfield Medium Backpack is perfect.  It has loads of pockets inside and plenty of space to hold your sandwiches, a lightweight towel or sarong, sunscreen, sunglasses, your book or kindle and definitely room for a couple of bats for beach tennis.  It has an extra magnetic flap over the top for added security and a zip pocket in the front which is handy for car keys and change.  All our Roka bags are vegan friendly, they are very well made using water resistant nylon, so if you find your rucksack has been sprayed by a slightly bigger than expected wave, all your belongings won’t end up soaking wet.  Have a look here for the Roka Canfield Medium Backpack

Roka Canfield Medium vegan friendly rucksack

The Hike with a Friend


When you’re off for a decent length walk, you don’t want to be carrying a great big bag.  You need something small to put your purse or wallet in, along with your car keys, a small bottle of water, perhaps a map, your phone and maybe some sunscreen and a hat.  The important thing is to have a small bag which can be worn cross body so your hands are free, but it needs to be big enough for your essentials.  The Paddington Cross Body Bag is perfect.  Again, as with all Roka London Bags, it is vegan friendly and made from water resistant nylon, so if you are caught in a summer shower, you won’t need to worry about everything getting soaked in your bag.  The Paddington Cross Body Bag is available in lots of colours, please look at them here.

Roka Paddington Cross Body Bag leaf green

Amazing what fits in a Roka Paddington Bag

The Wedding or Evening Out


Sometimes a bag can be small, beautiful and just perfect for a special occasion.  Our Beck Sondergaard 100% leather Lymbo shoulder bags come in four gorgeous summer colours adding a pop of fun to an outfit.  They have an adjustable leather strap so they can be worn cross body or on the shoulder, they have a zip fastening and an internal pocket.  They are big enough to carry your purse, sun glasses, your phone and lipstick and we have matching zip purses or ‘handy’ purses to match, have a look here at our purses.

Beck Sondergaard Lymbo Leather Bag and purse

Long Haul or Short Shopping Trip


Sometimes when you’re out and about and you know that you might have a few bags to carry, it’s really useful to have a bum bag or ‘fancy pack’ as they call them in the US.  The Roka London Bond bum bag is a really good choice.  It can be worn around the waist or hips or more usually now, across the body diagonally.  The bag has one zip pocket which is against the body so it is very secure, useful for keeping your passport and money safe.  It has another pocket which is generous enough to hold glasses, wallet, your purse and other things you might need to have to hand. Have a look at one of Roka London’s newest shapes; the Bond here.

Roka Bond Vegan friendly bumbag

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