Our Top Teacher Present Ideas for Under £25.00

Our Fail Safe List of Perfect Teacher Presents

We’ve created a fail safe list of perfect teacher presents, all of which say a big thank you for being a fab teacher.

But first – An Apple For the Teacher

The origin of an apple for the teacher dates back to the 16th century when apparently it was usual for poorer families in Denmark and Sweden to thank the teachers of their children with baskets of apples.  Things are different now, and we are more likely to buy the teacher something a little more special.  If you are feeling particularly grateful and want to continue with the apple theme, the Alex Monroe apple and peridot necklace at £135 or earrings at £165 would make an amazing teacher’s present, but they are not quite in the under £25.00 budget.

Summer Holidays are Nearly Here

We know that the end of the school-term fast approaches and with it, a host of annual events marking the final days of the academic year. Teachers everywhere, will be heaving a sigh of relief that the exams are over (and so will the children) and that a change of pace and a Summer with the family beckons.

None of us has loads of time on our hands and that is why we are happy to help.  It is often the case that we don’t know our kids’ teachers all that well.  Maybe we have had a chance to find out whether they have children themselves or like gardening, but likely not, so all of our recommendations will work for the year 3 primary school teacher to the field trip organising head of geography in 12.  The perfect present is something with a little message that says ‘treat yourself’ or ‘thank you’, but it might also be something that that person wouldn’t normally buy yourself; a little bit of luxury or frivolity.

On our website, you’ll notice that we offer free gift wrapping, so if you would like us to help save you time in this way, just tick the box next to the product when you’re shopping.

Remember though, it is the thought that counts and some of you will feel that you’ve a long list of teachers to consider at the end of the school year.  All the teacher present ideas listed here are tried and tested and, for us, they are not just good at this time of year, but make perfect presents whatever the month.

Teacher Presents from £5.00 to £21.95

House Doctor monochrome toilet bag
Monochrome Bag

Monochrome Bags – These are a really inexpensive and useful idea.  We have the black and white brick pattern bags in four sizes.

House Doctor makeup bagHouse Doctor monochrome toilet bag

The smallest is the makeup bag, which is £3.95, perfect for storing receipts, make up or small bits and bobs.  The wash bag is the next size up, it’s £5.00 and would be great for carrying around larger pots and bottles.

Monochrome reusable storage bag
Reusable Storage Bag £21.95

We are all encouraged to use reusable bags and the shopping bag is great at £16.95; it has vegan faux leather handles and would be ideal for folders an books and would hold a lap top or iPad.  The largest at £21.95 is a reusable storage bag, which is good for tidying away clutter in the bedroom, bathroom or kids room, but it’s also really great for adventurous teachers when they’re packing up sleeping bags for camping trips.


Crate of 6 Milk Bottles
Crate of 6 Milk Bottles £10.95

£10.95 – Crate of milk bottles.  These are a really lovely way to display flowers.  Maybe slightly more angled to the female teacher, the little bottles can be filled with water and little sprigs picked from the garden and presented to the teacher already done.  A little extra touch that will show you really are saying thank you for being a brilliant teacher.

Dutch style flower pots
Dutch style flower pots £6.95

£6.95 – our Dutch style pots are a great way to display pots of herbs or little plants that you may have picked up from the garden centre.  We have sold these to men and women in the shop so we know that they are popular for Mr Teacher as well as Ms Teacher.

Textured Glass Vase
Textured Glass Vase £2.50

£2.50/£6.50 – Textured glass vase.  These vases come in two sizes.  The little ones would be really good if you have lots of teachers to worry about and you can always pick a little bunch of flowers to go in them if you have time.  The bigger ones are amazing for larger displays of flowers.

Keith Brymer Jones 'Don't Panic!' Bucket MugKeith Brymer Jones Bucket Mug genius

£12.95 – Keith Brymer Jones Bucket Mug.  Don’t buy a boring ‘best teacher’ mug, buy one that says ‘genius’ or ‘don’t panic’.  

True grace walled garden natural sage luxury scented candle
True Grace Travel Candle Natural Sage £19.95

£19.95 – True Grace luxury scented travel candle.  A solid option for any teacher, especially those that should be encouraged to sit down over the summer holiday with a book and relax.  We have gorgeous scents to choose from, all beautifully hand poured in Wiltshire into a lidded zinc tin, so not too girly!

Star Wars Storm Trooper KeepcupKeepCup reusable drinks cup

£11.50 – KeepCup – you cannot ignore the movement to reuse and recycle.  KeepCup is one of the original barista reusable cups.  They are available in a choice of colours to suit anyone.  Ideal for anyone who might be rushing to a class or standing on the touch line. We have added the Star Wars editions which make the perfect present for the movie buff teacher.

Luxury gift ideas
Plum & Ashby Hand Cream £12.95

12.95 – Plum and Ashby hand cream.  These hand creams are a good, a well priced present for anyone; their simple unisex design means that they can be given to both men and women.

Plum & Ashby luxury toiletries
Plum & Ashby Green Fig £19.95

£19.95 – Plum & Ashby hand & body wash.  This British made hand wash is available in two scents.  It is a great luxury present for any teacher.  It is all natural and comes in a glass bottle with a simple elegant design.

Made by Bowl Overs
Made By Bowl Overs £15.95

£13.95 to £15.95 – our bowl overs have been a popular range in the shop for a number of years.  As we are increasingly aware of our impact on the planet and driven to reuse and reduce, these have become a fast seller.  Each pack contains 3 different sized elasticated cotton covers which can be used to cover food.  They are practical, washable and make a really good present.  The gingham ones and the waste not ones are £13.95, the made by ones are £15.95, they come with a washable pen so you can add notes to the covers, and they are designed in Dorset.

Gingham Bowl OversWaste Not Want Not Bowl Overs

This is just a cherry picked selection of tried and tested ideas.  There’s loads more to find on our website and even more in our lifestyle shop in Blandford in Dorset.  We’re always very happy to welcome visitors into the shop in our beautiful Georgian town.  We are also very happy to help, so if you have any queries at all, please call us during normal shop hours 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday on 01258 452880 or email us at help@hambledongallery.co.uk

Don’t forget we are very very happy to gift wrap your presents in the shop and also online, just remember to tick the free gift wrapping box when you are shopping online.

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