Pajaki – Polish Paper Chandeliers

We are having a bit of a love affair with the Polish paper chandelier a Pajaki (p-yonk-ee).  Luckily with a couple of sisters on hand who know how to make them, we combined an evening of craft with a bit of food and chit chat.  Not so much knit and natter, more stitch ‘n’ bitch, but without much stitching and actually no bitching at all.

Traditionally, these were made to brighten up the home through Winter in Poland using reeds, tissue paper and foil. You’ll need some time, quite a bit of it, and a little patience to see this project through. You’ll also need craft paper, a paper punch, tissue paper, straws, metal lampshade hoops, thick thread, a large needle, scissors and glue. Once you’ve grasped how the basics, you can make your Pajaki more and more elaborate.

Attached are the original instructions we used.  Please feel free to use them as a guide, let us know how you get on.


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