Ottod’Ame – The Italian Women’s Wear Brand

We started buying the Italian women’s wear collection for Spring 2016.  The initial buy was understandably cautious, as it often is while we get to grips with a brand.  It was a real success, appealing to a pretty broad age group.

The label was founded in 2003, known for its playful prints and beautiful fabrics that blend designer Silvia Mazzoli’s nostalgic inspirations with a modern, tailored aesthetic. We love that they design classic pieces with a twist that can work as well for a wedding or party as they can do for everyday wear.  The collections include a brilliant mix of clothes that hint to the rock chick with a touch of romantic history and often a slightly bohemian edge.  It is distinctive and well priced luxury with a wide audience.

Their philosophy is based around their name Ottod’Ame, meaning 8 women, referring to the eight women who shared Silvia’s vision.  This is what they say;

A magical number
the vital breath,
An open formula,
the infinite journey.
Towards lightness.
In things, into the world.
Otto d’ame. Eight women.
Who infuse the soul,
who put heart
in what they do. Who put body,
that bring life
to a delicate dream.
The beauty from within.
Eight years.
Of vision and history.
around thinking and seeking,
feeling and composing
the traces of a flavour, hidden,
of a secret motif. Eight minutes.
For a ray of sunlight that reaches our face, caressing it.
Eight hours.
For a day that runs slowly through to night.
Eight faces.
For a story that tells us of everyone and no one.
Eight steps.
For a letter that becomes something else.
Eight ways.
For a life that finds its path.

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