Shopping Vegan?

Shopping vegan? You are not alone.  Increasing numbers of people look for vegan accessories and homeware.

The Vegan Society estimates that there are currently more than 600,000 vegans in the UK.  This number has steadily doubled each year for the last four years.  So, whether we use our buying power to support sustainability or to fight animal cruelty, ethical buying is on the rise.

What’s in store?

At The Hambledon Gallery we are keen on sustainability and more and more this is something we look for in our products.  Whether you are looking for a more animal-friendly approach as a whole or are looking for a one-off vegan product, we stock a wide range of organic, plant-based, cruelty-free brands and some of these meet the strict criteria of being Vegan.

Vegan Wax Food WrapsOrganic Cotton Produce Bags

What is Veganism?

Being vegan is a lifestyle that excludes all forks of exploitation or cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.  Veganism and sustainability have worked together to create a push for greater creativity in our use of resources.

Vegan buying power has led to the development of new textiles and materials and a re-think on the materials used to make clothing, accessories and home products.  Vegan ‘leather’, for instance, has been made from pineapple leaves, mushrooms and the by-products of the wine industry.  Alternatives to wool and silk have also been made from cellulose fibres.  All these things lower our carbon footprint and also lessen our environmental impact.

Making sure it is vegan

For vegan accessories to be truly vegan they need to be made without using animal products.  So, no leather, fur, silk, feathers, wool, bone or horn.  In addition, the manufacturing process must not include animal-derived products or annual product adhesives or dyes.  Research and development must be cruelty-free.

Vegan accessories have been notoriously difficult to source.  It is clearly hard for the buyer to identify whether a product is vegan unless the manufacturer is totally transparent about sourcing and processes.  Thankfully, with greater demand, more information is becoming available. ‘Hitwise’, the consumer insights company, reported a 39% increase in online searches for vegan fashion and accessories in the last three years.  This means greater numbers of suppliers are keen to advertise which of their products are vegan.

Vegan accessories around the home

Cotton Net Bags – these classic French style shopping bags are 100% cotton.  They are fashionable, practical and eco-friendly and they are washable.  We have them in loads of colours and they make a great present.

Cotton Produce Bags – the idea is that instead of taking a single-use plastic bag when you are grocery shopping, you take with you your washable GOTS certified 100% organic cotton drawstring bags, which we have in three sizes.  They can be used while you are shopping but also for storing fruit, vegetable and other things like nuts and dried pulses.

Vegan Food Wraps – you may have seen Beeswax wraps about.  They are used as an alternative to cling film and plastic food covers to keep food fresh.  Obviously, these are not vegan because of the wax from bees used, but we have found a vegan version.  They are handmade from organic cotton and enriched with natural waxes from sunflower, sumac and rice bran with castor oil and jojoba and pine resin.  The warmth of your hands gently heats them and seals them as you wrap them over bowls, sandwiches and loaves of bread.  They can be washed in cool water and re-used for up to a year after which they can be put on the compost heap.  They are Soya free and palm oil free too.

Vegan toiletries for you

We try hard to tick the cruelty-free box when it comes to buying for the shop.  Many of our products are vegan as well.

Arthouse Unlimited is a charity based in the south of England.  All the artwork designs on their packaging is done by adults with varying levels of learning difficulties.  Their soap and lotions and lip balms are made in England, all of their products are free from nasties and not tested on animals.  Their lip balms come in a circular tin are made from naturally derived plant-based ingredients, available in different flavours.

Arthouse Unlimited Lip Balm Wild Raspberry and VanillaArthouse Unlimited Sweet Orange & Mandarin Oil Lip Balm

Miller Harris is a vegan-friendly London perfumer.  They make complex fragrances from precious botanicals. Decorative glass bottles carry the heavenly scents in their beautifully graphic but also environmentally friendly packages.  We stock perfume, body wash, hand cream, body lotion and aftershave balm as well as their long burns scented candles from this range.

Miller Harris La Pluie Scented Candle

Plum & Ashby is a British company who make toiletries from natural ingredients in small batches.  Their candles are made from 100% plant wax and so they happily make it into the Vegan shopping basket.  These are presented in dark re-cycled glass jars.

Plum and Ashby scented travel candle lavender and bergamot

Vegan clothing accessories

Miss Pom Pom is an independent knitted accessories brand based in South London.  They make modern, brightly coloured and bold geometric designs.  Their scarves are playful and oversized, they make chunky bobble hats and cute fingerless gloves and mittens.  Made from 100% acrylic Italian yarn, made in a small family run factory, they are totally vegan.  Sustainability and traceability are key to the ethos of this young company.

Miss Pom Pom Triangle Scarf

Roka is a new accessories brand based in London.  They were the winners of the ‘Best New Product in London’.  They produce tough, durable and lightweight bags.  These are the vegan bags to fill with your treasures from the shops or to the beach.  Built for the British weather, they are water repellent and animal-friendly made from triple coated matte nylon.  The coated canvas base means that the bags can survive the wet pavement or mountain side.  Roka have gone out of their way to ensure that their products are ethically produced in socially-compliant factories, find out more about Roka in our journal post here.

The Roka Paddington Cross Body Bag

This fun, round over the shoulder or cross body bag comes in both classic and bold colours with chunky zips and three internal pockets.  Fun, functional and wipeable ….even if Paddington gets his marmalade sandwiches all over it.

Roka Vegan Paddington Cross Body Bag Leaf green

The Canfield Backpack

This minimalist unisex travel bag has a sleek secure roll-top design.  It is uncomplicated and no-nonsense with loads of pockets, chunky zips, vegan-friendly and made from durable, weatherproof nylon.

Roka Canfield rucksack in Airforce blue

The Bond Bumbag

One of the newest styles available from Roka, this on-trend bumbag is a generous size, perfect for everyday and for travelling.  It has adjustable canvas straps to fix around your waste or across your body.  It is light and sturdy and vegan-friendly.

Roka Vegan Bond Bumbag in Brick red

Shop vegan accessories at The Hambledon Gallery

Whether you are a fully committed vegan in every avenue of your life or just aware of this growing movement, there are vegan-friendly options available for you. Shop vegan accessories online here with free delivery over £30, email us at or call us on (0)1258 452880.

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