The History of Mother’s Day

Where did Mother’s Day come from? 

In the U.K. the roots of our day to celebrate mothers are actually in the church.  Dating back to the sixteenth century, traditionally on the fourth Sunday of lent, people would return to their ‘mother church’ or cathedral in their region.  It was always referred to as ‘Mothering Sunday’. At the start of the twentieth century the church visiting tradition waned and it wasn’t until a revival, headed by the daughter of a vicar called Constance Penswick-Smith, that it became a celebrated day again.  She even wrote a book called ‘The Revival of Mothering Sunday’.  Over the last century the emphasis on Mothering Sunday has changed.  It is now more of a tradition of celebrating our mothers, the original true meaning having been lost over time.

Why to Say Thank You

It is easy to forget how important your parents are, particularly when you yourself are an adult, perhaps with your own children.  Often an argument is given that our days of celebration, like Valentine’s Day, for example have become ‘too commercial’, an excuse for businesses to extract more money out of the consumer.  I always feel that it is good to be mindful of this, don’t feel the pressure to spend a fortune, when a token of some description and a card will do, but do bear in mind that if you don’t join in, the person who will feel left out, is the very same person the day should celebrate.

Our parents are the reasons we are here and their role changes enormously over time, from the absolutely vital start in life, when they, particularly mothers, in the early days, keep us fed and clothed.  As we grow, they guide us through the different stages of life from learning to walk and talk to helping with the decisions of university or first jobs or first houses.  They share a journey and help us along the way and they do this unconditionally.

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How to Say Thank You 

Mother’s Day is always in spring.  The perfect time to pick a bunch of flowers from the garden.  If this isn’t possible or you don’t have much growing yet, your local florist can help.  We are very lucky in Blandford to have Sweetpea, where Laura has hand tied bunches from £6.00

All you need to say, can be said in a card.  If you’re feeling creative, you could try making one, but we’re all pretty short on time, so a well chosen card off the shelf will work perfectly.

Today is all about you card

Most Mums I know are bad at putting themselves first, terrible at treating themselves and cram all their spare time with jobs.  A little gift with a delicate subliminal message is all you need.  Perhaps a box of handmade chocolates to enjoy after dinner or in front of the telly, or some beautiful organic soap.  For me, a scented candle is always a special present.  That little bit of frivolous luxury making the house smell delicious is perfect.

Miller Harris Luxury Candle Digne De Toi

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to remember the Mums in your lives, they’re all amazing.

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